Linda’s Pizza – Joliet, IL

Since 1981

A lot of times, we use other events around Chicagoland as an excuse to find new pizza places. Many of those events happen to be local pro wrestling shows, and unfortunately Ernie does not usually get to go. This is sad because he loves listening to wrestling at home…and he loves pizza. On top of that, I still need his help to find the pizza.

So, per the Hound’s instructions, I sought out Linda’s Pizza in Joliet after a Pro Wrestling Blitz show at the St. Joe’s Park Field House! Blitz always puts on a fun family friendly show of local wrestlers and occasionally big name stars. We’ve seen a few shows there, and it truly is a great American experience. There are few things more exciting than a packed show on a Friday or Saturday with people of all ages cheering for their favorite stars and booing the bad guys. It’s such a great value for families to spend a fun night together. Check out this action outside of the ring!


One show we attended had special guests Jerry “The King” Lawler . . .


. . . and, in one of his last shows ever, the famous manager of the Undertaker, Paul Bearer.


The special guest for this particular night, however, was Mr. Ken Anderson, formerly known as WWE Superstar Mr. Kennedy…Kennedy!

While wrestling shows, including this one, usually sell pizza by the slice–as well as candy, hot dogs, drinks, and popcorn–to enjoy during the show, the city of Joliet had a few other great pizza choices worth checking out. We had really enjoyed Cemeno’s Pizza once in the past, so it was time try someplace new (or at least new to us), and that place was Linda’s.

Linda's West from Google streetview

Source: Google Street View

Linda’s has been in Joliet for nearly three and a half decades, and I believe this is the second location, Linda’s Pizza West. The staff was nice and efficient. Business seemed to be going well. The pizza is a solid value, with thin crust, but not too thin–what I would call medium thin.

As an unique bonus, Linda’s offers a garlic crust option, for which I happily asked for and enjoyed. It was a nice touch, adding a buttery and, well, garlicky flavor at the end of each piece. Unfortunately, the garlic content meant Ernie didn’t get to try this one, but he was just proud that he hounded the place out!

Wait…is that the Geneo’s Pizza guy on the Linda’s sign???

Linda's West sign

Geneo's sign

Source: Google Street View

Linda’s Pizza has two locations, but we enjoyed Linda’s Pizza West, located at 723 Taylor Street, Joliet, IL 60435

(815) 726-4425

…and “Ask for Garlic Crust”

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