Papa John’s – A Delivery Detour for WrestleMania

WrestleMania is a holiday in Ernie’s household, and sometimes on holidays, we get lazy. So, to watch John Cena, The Rock, CM Punk, and the Undertaker battle it out at WrestleMania 29 a couple of years ago, Papa John’s arrived at the door for the big event. While it wasn’t as special as getting something from one of Chicago’s fantastic local pizzerias, we did get plenty of dough and garlic butter sauce (but, of course, no garlic for the Hound)! Sometimes that’s all you need for a good night of rasslin’!

Ernie in his John Cena t-shirt.

Ernie in his John Cena t-shirt.

Ernie's hero.

Ernie’s hero.


“Tonight’s a Papa John’s night.”

Some bad guys.

Some bad guys.

“I’ll take it.”

Note the classic Shakespeare's Pizza cup!

Note the classic Shakespeare’s Pizza cup!

Papa John’s is, of course, everywhere.

We ordered from the location at California Ave. & Armitage Ave., Chicago, IL, 60647