Geo’s Pizza – Montclare, Chicago

Since 1972     

As usual, the Pizza Hound and I look forward to getting a pizza on the weekend. So, one Friday night, right on schedule, Ernie caught a scent and led the way. Soon, we were heading west to try out a pizza we’d never had before, and boy were we glad we found it. 

2014-05-02 19.18.04

“Caught a scent!”

2014-05-02 19.22.30

“I know where to go!”

2014-05-02 19.54.29

“This is the place!”

While there are numerous classic pizza joints on the Southwest Side of Chicago, the city’s Northwest Side should not be underestimated for meeting one’s pizza needs. There are all kinds of great dine-in, take-out, and delivery spots. In particular, Harlem Avenue north of Grand all the way to Irving Park Road is a bit of a Little Italy. It borders the suburb of Elmwood Park and is not too far from the longstanding Italian community of Melrose Park.

2014-05-02 19.54.43

The Hound and I agree: Geo’s Pizza was a great experience all around. It seems little changed over the years. A take-out joint with a counter and a just a handful seats for waiting. Old, faded photos–and some wood paneling–on the walls, connecting Geo’s to past generations of local pizza eaters and their families in the community. Nice people working there, too.


After a short 15-20 minute wait, the Hound and I picked up our extra large all pepperoni and half-sausage, and it came on the classic cardboard base, covered in a paper bag, perfect for ripping open like a gift to get to the delicious prize inside. Geo’s gave us a free RC Cola, too!

2014-05-02 20.41.53

The pizza was fantastic! One of our favorites. Thin, but not ultra thin. Handmade crust. Nice, tasty sauce and very good cheese. We’d love to have it again. Along with Sorrento’s on Harlem and a number of other places, Geo’s helps make the Northwest Side a pizza destination.
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Geo’s Pizza is located at 2849 N. Harlem Ave. in Chicago

(773) 237-4450

(708) 452-4367

Geo’s Pizza Official Website

Geo’s Pizza on Facebook (unofficial page)