Obbie’s Pizza – Garfield Ridge, Chicago

Since 1977

There is great pizza all over Chicago and the rest of the metro area, but a special region for classic Chicago-style thin crust pizza exists on the city’s Southwest Side and stretches into the suburbs. This region, located particularly along Archer Avenue extending west and south past Midway Airport, boast numerous long-time small businesses that specialize in family style thin crust cut in squares.


It’s a bit of long trip from Logan Square to the neighborhood of Garfield Ridge, which is located north of the airport. This community, I believe, was documented (though under a pseudonym) in the book Working-Class Heroes by sociologist Maria Kefalas, and there is no shortage of places to get hot dogs, Italian beef, and great pizza in the area. Streets are lined with nice, modest single-family homes, and for many years the area has been the home of many police officers, firefighters, and other workers on the city payroll.

Obbie’s Pizza is one of those great places that serves a classic “slice” of Chicago. A take-out and delivery joint where the employees where matching t-shirts and you can see the dough rolled, Obbie’s likely looks much the same as it did when it opened in 1977. The pizza is standard–a good thing–Chicago-style thin crust. Another Chicago favorite, stuffed pizza, is available, too.

Obbie's menu 2

And like a number of pizza places in the corners of Chicago, Obbie’s also sells fried–or in this case, broasted–chicken. However, if we happen to be out by Obbie’s and craving chicken, we more than like would grab a delicious box from the wonderful, and nearby, Mini Hut.

Obbie's menu 3

Obbie’s is good Chicago-style thin crust pizza, perfect for a Friday night watching the Blackhawks at home with the family.

Obbie’s Pizza is located at 6654 W. Archer Ave., Chicago, IL 60638

(773) 586-2828

Obbie’s Pizza on Facebook

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