Lonnie’s Pizzeria – Dunning, Chicago

Since c.1999

Situated in just west of the Schiller Woods on Irving Park Road at N. Cumberland, Lonnie’s Pizzeria isn’t too far from O’Hare airport, in the Dunning neighborhood. About one hundred years ago, the surrounding area was relatively sparsely populated, but today the community is made up of over 40,000 residents who live mostly in single-family homes. Those residents are lucky enough to not be too far from a few great pizza restaurants, but make no mistake, Lonnie’s is itself a great stop for pizza on the Northwest Side.

Lonnie’s Pizzeria is a little younger than many of the pizza places Ernie and I have visited (as the menu proclaims “Celebrating Our 15th Anniversary), but Lonnie’s is definitely well on it’s way to a long life selling great pizza. The Pizza Hound directed us there on a drizzly spring night to try it out for ourselves.

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Lonnie’s is housed in a small take-out building, with a few bar stools and a counter. We’re not entirely sure, but the building could have been a hot dog stand or fast food restaurant at one point. According to the official website, the owners originally dreamed of a successful hot dog cart, but pizza ended up as their calling.

Which is great for the Pizza Hound and me because Lonnie’s has great Chicago-style thin crust at probably the most affordable price of any pizza of it’s kind in Chicagoland. The total came out to just over $14 for an extra large topping-and-a-half pizza. That’s shockingly affordable for such a great pizza, especially when it seems that most of the pizzas of comparable style and number of toppings seem to hover between $18 and $20 at most places.

The pizza was delicious, too, and went over very well back at the homestead. Good crust, cheese, and sauce. They also offer pan and stuffed crusts, as well as a few specialty pizzas. The Pizza Hound definitely recommends Lonnie’s as a great choice for a quick pizza carryout if you are in the area.

Here’s the front of the menu:


Collect 20 coupons for a free pizza!


Lonnie’s Pizza is located at 8343 W. Irving Park Road, Chicago, IL 60634

(773) 589-1501

Lonnie’s Pizzeria Official Website

Lonnie’s Pizzeria on Facebook

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