4 thoughts on “Perry’s Restaurant, 147th-Dixie Highway, Harvey, Home of the “Steak Menu” – Chicago Tribune, July 30, 1959

  1. In the ’60’s, I worked there for the original family as a bus boy. Can you tell me what happened to the the father, mother, and daughter?


    • Hi William! So sorry for the very late response. I didn’t see your somehow until just recently. I honestly do not know much about that particular Perry’s Restaurant in the Harvey area. I would like to hear your memories about it, though, if you were interested in sharing them hear. I always like hearing about old restaurants. Also, if you could give me a little information on their names, I may be able to dig around in the archives and if there is any information about them out there.

      Also have you tried Facebook? There’s this Facebook group where you may able to post about the Perry family: https://www.facebook.com/groups/harveyil/


      • To Whom This May Concern:
        Please note, that when I worked there it was still a restaurant run exclusively by Mr. and Mrs. Perry and their daughter. I was a busboy and dishwasher back in the 1970’s while still going to Thornton Twp. High School. Since then, I have worked cross-country for 30 years, taught at Moraine Valley for 3 years, and also taught at ITT in Phoenix for 3 years. Trust me it is good to see the place still working and if you know, it would be good to find out wear they are and what happened. Thanks for listening and I hope things go well for you. Bill Mosiej Colorado Springs, CO Phone #1-219-805-0808


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